Newport Beach, California Criminal Defense Lawyer
Michael M. "Mike" Brewer Testimonials

"Your evaluations reflect the highest marks of any presenter."

Letter received following a mock DUI trial at Loyola Law School, in which Mike Brewer trained other attorneys in the trial of DUI cases.

"One of the five best criminal defense lawyers in America."

- KIM EDWARD SMITH (worked with and has opposed Mike Brewer)
Los Angeles County Prosecutor
Former Los Angeles County Deputy District Attorney
Former Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff
Retired Lieutenant Colonel, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve

"One of the top criminal defense lawyers in Southern California and in America, with unmatched experience as both a prosecutor and a public defender, whose experience brings unique analytical skills to successfully negotiate a resolution or trial of any case."

Criminal defense attorney

"Your stellar trial skills will long be remembered!"

Inscription on plaque presented by fellow trial prosecutors on departure from District Attorney's Office, immediately following back-to-back First Degree Murder convictions in two high-profile cases.

"Thank you so much for your expertise, time, constant encouragement and obvious stellar ability both in your field and with the court system... I am still in shock, but today's outcome so exceeded my expectations that it really has given me another reason to feel blessed and motivated, and for that I am forever grateful to you."

- KAREN R. (Recent Client Mike Brewer helped with a substance abuse problem and avoided going to jail.)
Note received after having her court case dismissed and helped turn her life around in an alcohol treatment program in which Mike Brewer helped her enroll.

"You were everything that I hoped to have in an attorney and more, not only in keeping me out of jail, but in working so hard and so closely with me every step of the way."

- DAVID Z. (Recent Client)
Client for whom Mike Brewer obtained alcohol treatment and helped solve his underlying problem rather than going to jail, in a case involving a very high BAC, an accident and a police chase.

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